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 The Buche/Carmco Sales Philosophy

The Buche/Carmco product lines require us to constantly build, maintain and service wholesalers, builders, engineers, and contractors throughout the Rocky Mountain States. We have established a strong reputation with our customers by bringing quality products and services to them for the last 30 years. 
The Buche Carmco Sales team has been able to penetrate the Rocky Mountain plumbing and HVAC markets by selling and servicing the wholesaler, contractor, builder and engineer in these markets. The spectrum of builders and developers we deal with vary from multi family, track home builders, custom home builders, to commercial projects. We have developed and nurtured relationships with all of the wholesale customers that are in our region. Our region consists of a variety of wholesale customers from the family run Independent to the large National Corporations. Buche/Carmco product lines offer products that cater to the many different types of wholesalers, contractors, and builders that exist in the Rocky Mountains Market.
Our strategy on growing product market share is by way of focusing on each customer category. We constantly keep a up with each segment of the sales chain and  where we stand with each segment so we understand the progress we are making or the hurdles we need to overcome to obtain our goal.
We maintain and service builders, engineers, architects, and contractors of all sizes.
We offer training to the entire supply chain. We train our contractors and installers on each of our product lines. We also feel it is important to take the training to the builder by educating them on the products, through sales features and benefits to installation best practices. The training for the builder pertains to the owners, sales and marketing teams, and field supervisors. We work with architects and engineers to get our product specified and designed properly. We also work hard to keep everyone up to speed on the new products, technology changes and industry requirements. 
We offer support for all segments through all phases of construction, well after inspection and closing. For example, as a service to builders that offer Bradford White, we have a service technician employed by Buche/Carmco that will service the product if warranty issues come up.
We would not have had the success we’ve had with each segment if it were not for our strong support for the contractors, which is where we spend a lot of our time. When we introduce new products or have existing product changes we feel it is vital to be in front of our contractor network to educate them on the product and ensure success. We do this through class room presentations, factory visits, and field sales and training calls. 
We also spend time with specifying engineers, architects and commercial contractors in support of our commercial product lines. It is vital to educate these members of our trade so that we can obtain the specification and keep them current on product changes and new technology. We are members of ASPE, AIA, PHCC and participate in the local and national tradeshows. Buche Carmco Sales brings a mix of youth and experience that many Representative agencies do not have. This mix keeps us balanced and focused to sell our lines.