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Buche/Carmco University

Buche/Carmco offers classes on a weekly basis for all represented manufacturers. Contractors, engineers, wholesalers (inside & outside sales) and builders are all invited!

Some of the classes we offer are:


Bradford White Classes
We are your Rocky Mountain Water Heating Experts. Your success and confidence is important to us. Please take advantage of the training and support we offer.
All Bradford White Classes
will briefly discuss what makes Bradford White the best water heater and water heating company in the industry. Topics include, Bradford White’s NO RETAIL, Made in The USA commitment to the trade and its imperative importance to all sectors of our industry. All classes are kept to an hour

Bradford White Full Product Review

This class is great for those wanting to gain understanding the sales, features and benefits of Bradford White’s residential and commercial product offering and elevates awareness of specific products though out the line.

Specific Heaters discussed:

                                TTW1 & 2 power vented water heaters.
                                PDX2 power direct vent water heaters 
                                GX High Performance Water Heaters
                                eF Ultra High Efficiency Commercial Water Heater
                                ICON System & Accessories PowerStor Indirect Tanks & Solar Water Heaters. 
                                Now includes single and double coil tanks with electric and gas back up models
                                EcoStor and PowerStor Indirect Tanks

This class covers basic parts and components and the place their functioning purpose of the operation of a water heater. This class is great for those wholesalers that see the value in having a knowledgeable staff member capable of determining and location parts to keep things up and running.

Bradford White ICON System & Accessories

ICON Gas Valve and ICON Accessory Package and Sales training that will cover how the ICON System allows contractors to make a great water heater even better.

Defender Safety System – Conventional Vent Trouble Shooting

This heater still feels new to some. This breaks down and perceived complexity of the system to lead to a fast and easy, install, repair or replacement.

TTW1 & TTW2 Power Vented – Single Pipe Install and PDX2 Power Direct Vent – Double Pipe Install & Trouble Shooting

What makes this a class of its own? A blower motor. These heaters account for about 30% of all new construction installs in the Colorado Market in the past 5 years. There’s a lot of them out there. This class focuses on trouble shooting before even being in front of the heater and its simple repair and install.

Commercial D Series Trouble Shooting

How to test parts and components and venting do's and don'ts.

eF Ultra High Efficiency Commercial Water Heater

This heater is becoming the heater of choice for many applications. This class covers how to test parts and components and venting do's and don’ts

Everhot Installer Certification Class

All Everhots must be installed by a certified installer. This class provides certification and covers the specific preparations that need to be in place before installation and applying this great tankless technology in the correct application. Often times, tankless water heaters can be oversold, undersized and applied incorrectly. The class will also discuss alternatives for the contractors when the job does not go the rout of tankless. Such options as the GX High Performance Water Heater.

Cash Acme Classes

All Cash Acme classes discuss Cash Acme’s the features and benefits of Cash Acme’s industry leading products as it relates to the specific product categories below.

                Thermostatic Mixing Valves – Temperature Control

                This class covers sizing and ASSE 1017, 1016, 1069 1070 products.

                Backflow Preventers

                Reduced Pressure & Double Check & Pressure Vacuum backflow preventers proper application.

                Pressure Reducing Valves – Pressure Control

Application, sizing and product terms.

Speakman Company

Speakman is one of the oldest names in the industry. All classes will briefly cover Speakman’s staple product’s that have been unmatchable over the years.

Shower, Safety and Plumbing Products

Are broken out into separate classes. This class is great for those wanting to gain understanding the sales, features and benefits of Speakman’s commercial product offering and elevates awareness of specific products though out the line much like the format of Bradford White classes. The Safety products class will also go in depth on correct product application.

Metal Fab Training: 

The class consist of an hour long training and certification in the Flue venting materials and codes as weel as the CSST Gas Piping Certification.   We will cover how to size your venting flue by using the Gama charts and discussing where and when to use the different type of venting products.

The Unico System:  Small Duct High Velocity Heating and Cooling



The Unico System is a highly sophisticated engineered system which provides the greatest level of comfort available on the market today. Given its level of sophisticated design, it is imperative that the specifying professional and installing contractor understand the principles of operation and the applications for the Unico product line.

The Mission of Unico Training is simple:
Assure Superior Indoor Comfort for the end user

The goals of the Unico Training Department are to:

  • Educate the Contractor on best practices of Unico System design and installation
  • Provide a platform for continuous improvement and learning
  • Position the Unico Certified Contractor as a Trusted Advisor to specifying professionals

By achieving these objectives, Unico, together with their Certified Contractor partners, maintain the integrity of the Unico installation process that exceeds all expectations of the end user.

Unico Training is divided in three general categories -

Unico's Basic Training is a series of courses which provide an overview of Unico ranging from a basic introduction of the Unico System and all of its main components including the UniChiller RC and the Advanced Control Board. The purpose of these courses is to provide a general understanding of the workings and applications of the Unico System

This in-depth training assures that the participant is fully educated on the design and installation of the Unico System. Contractors who successfully complete this level of training have earned the designation of Unico Certified Contractor.

Once certified, Contractors can participate in Advanced Training including

Advanced System Principals
Advanced UniChiller RC
Advanced Control /Zoning

LG Duct Free Systems:

We offer a 1 hour product overview and application training.

We offer a 30 minute warranty training procedure.  This class will teach you how to enter the warranties online and how to follow up on them.  It can be taught in our office or yours.  We will also go over how to find and price parts for the LG duct free units.

Duct Free training:  This is a class taught by Lonnie Lee and is a one day training class that is both hands on and classroom taught.   This will include a product overview, proper installation practices, start up  and design, as well as troubleshooting.

LG University in Atlanta, GA

This is a brand new state of the art training center in Atlanta that we can travel to for training on the VRF Multi V and Mini Multi products.  Please ask us about it or check it out at 

Tech Training – Residential 101

Bradford White ICON System & Accessories

Bradford White HydroJet:


Bradford White Defender Safety System: